Hannah Judd | This marvelous star came along last year and has been tearing it up ever since. How did we get lucky enough to have a bass player this good? And even more; she often wears some dank clothes and just has that swagger about her. The jazz gods must love us.

Harrison Meyer | Meet the man with the fastest hands in all the land! Not just a sophmore at Penn but a veteran at the piano, anything this guy plays sounds good. Real good. With music running in his family’s blood, we’re definitely excited to hear what the upcoming semesters have in store for him.

Vince Cooper | One of the leaders of the trumpet section, Vince is one cool-natured dude. But don’t let his demeanor fool you, because he’ll kick your ass on the trumpet with all of the high notes he can squeak out. We’re certainly glad to have Vince once again for his senior year.

​​​The Magnificent Members of Penn Jazz

Celeste Adler | Shout outs to one of the only fresh-woman in the band. With a name like Celeste, it only makes sense that her playing is as beautiful as the celestial bodies themselves (see what I did there?).

Mark Rinder | Watch out for this new kid on the block. With so many talented sax players graduating last year we’re definitely excited to have some new and young blood in the squad. Keep an eye out for this freshman...he’s making waves.

David Glanzman | Chilling in the rhythm section with his guitar and amp, Dave comps and chomps away, manipulating those guitar strings to make some beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, (did I say beautiful?), music. He holds down his section as well as anyone could ever ask for. Did I mention he makes some beautiful music?

Michael Fogel | Not a song goes by where Mike doesn't try to get his improv fix in. His fingers just blur on the sax during his solos, so don’t even bother trying to follow them. Some have even equated his solos to a form of pure musical ecstasy. He’s like a Jewish John Coltrane.


Rishi Chatterji | Rishi's presence in rehearsal is the fuel to the Penn Jazz fire. The former Vice President of Penn Jazz, Rishi has a lot to offer both musically and administratively. When he starts spittin' tunes into his solo mic you can't help but watch in awe.

Carter Rice | Consistently holding it down for the trombone section, Carter leaves it all out on the hardwood whether it’s in practice or a in show. When Carter isn’t handling the behind-the-scenes work as the new President, he’s laying down sweet tunes you wouldn’t expect were possible to come out of a trombone.

Jonathan Bloom | In his second semester since leaving the band to go to Spain, Jonathan is killing it as usual. We can always count on him for his ridiculous range and his even more ridiculous technical abilities. In his final semester with Penn Jazz expect Jon to go all out and blow us all away.

Joey Piaker | Our ex-publicist extraordinaire and current Vice President, Joey keeps Penn Jazz together behind the scenes. Some have called him the Tom Brady of the Jazz world, but that’s just what I’ve heard. He exclusively drops buckets on the trumpet.




​​​Daniel Kranseler | Don’t think of him as just another freshman. I can’t say we’ve ever seen him in anything other than Seahawks gear, so let’s just hope this concert turns out better for him than Seattle’s last Super Bowl.​​

Kevin Crouch | Anyone who’s talked to Kevin for more than twenty minutes knows that this dude knows a ton about music, from blackened sludge metal to harsh noise. He also wears great sweaters. When he’s not shredding the drums he occasionally transforms into his alter ego, “Partycat,” which is exactly what it sounds like. And no, he doesn’t play basketball.

Eric Marty | Even though he’s a senior this is only Eric’s second semester with Penn Jazz. Eric is always willing and ready to solo on any piece and he makes a point to make his presence felt. Although we’re not all that familiar with his sound and style of play, we’ll definitely miss Eric’s enthusiasm and sensual tunes he belts out on his sax. He could just be the next Kenny G.

Antione Gray | Former Presidente aka Commish but still Mr. Make it Rain. Legend has it that Angels cry tears of pure joy when the smooth sounds flow from his sax. Though he no longer has the crown, we can't help but bow down when his solos light up the auditorium.


Will Saunders | Along with Carter, this groovy trombone player makes up the second half of the dynamic duo. Will’s got the lungs of a humpback whale, the heart of a lioness, and the face of an an-
gel. The sounds he can produce from his trombone will give you the chills. Everyone give it up for ‘Chill Will.’