Jackson Price (C'18) |Jackson is a senior from Los Angeles pursuing a B.A. Honors degree in Comparative Literature with a German minor. He has been playing drums for 15 years, specializing in a wide variety of genres such as jazz, pop, hip hop, Latin, funk, rock, and musical theater. He studied abroad in Berlin during his junior spring semester and has since become one of those kids who always feels the need to mention the fact that he studied abroad. He has a great social media presence (@jackson_price on Instagram) and also studied abroad.

Will Miller (C'20) | Will Miller is a member of Penn Jazz. He is a friendly man with a good heart whom you are sure to enjoy. Yow!!

Harrison Meyer | Meet the man with the fastest hands in all the land! Not just a sophmore at Penn but a veteran at the piano, anything this guy plays sounds good. Real good. With music running in his family’s blood, we’re definitely excited to hear what the upcoming semesters have in store for him.

Jonathan Bloom | In his second semester since leaving the band to go to Spain, Jonathan is killing it as usual. We can always count on him for his ridiculous range and his even more ridiculous technical abilities. In his final semester with Penn Jazz expect Jon to go all out and blow us all away.

Will Saunders | Along with Sam, this groovy trombone player makes up the second part of the dynamic trombonists. Will’s got the lungs of a humpback whale, the heart of a lioness, and the face of an angel. The sounds he can produce from his trombone will give you the chills. Everyone give it up for ‘Chill Will.’

Jackie Bein (C’19) | Jackie Bein is a junior from Connecticut studying history, consumer psychology, and Hispanic studies. She plays trumpet in multiple ensembles at Penn but finally came to her senses and joined Penn Jazz this year. Don’t be fooled by Jackie’s quiet demeanor – there’s a reason why she chose to play the *superior* brass instrument.

Ben Kim (E ’20) | Ben, a sophomore from San Jose, CA, has ten years of experience on alto sax, soprano sax, tenor sax, clarinet, and piano. Favorite pastimes include cracking open a cold and broken hallelujah with the boys. He studies computer science.




David Glanzman | Chilling in the rhythm section with his guitar and amp, Dave comps and chomps away, manipulating those guitar strings to make some beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, (did I say beautiful?), music. He holds down his section as well as anyone could ever ask for. Did I mention he makes some beautiful music?



Chris Urffer (C'19) |A junior in Engineering studying Computer Engineering, Chris has played trombone for five years, and euphonium for eleven. Word on the street is that Chris's beard has been growing since the day he first picked up a trombone -- that's what his gristly sound would suggest. After long rehearsals, Chris goes home and drinks an entire keg of chocolate milk to build muscle mass in his lower lip. He hopes to continue playing jazz in the future by teaching an AI how to play classical trombone.

Kolbein Finsnes (E’20 W’20) | Kolbein Finsnes is a sophomore from New York City studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering in the engineering school and Finance and Statistics in Wharton. He has been playing drums for 10 years. Dean has never successfully pronounced his name, and refers to him as “Kurt”, which he finds incredibly annoying as he has a Norwegian name, and not some knock off 90s pop star name.

Michael Fogel | Not a song goes by where Mike doesn't try to get his improv fix in. His fingers just blur on the sax during his solos, so don’t even bother trying to follow them. Some have even equated his solos to a form of pure musical ecstasy. He’s like a Jewish John Coltrane.

Fiona Tsai | Even though she just joined Penn Jazz this year, Fiona has been bringing her thoughtful take on the jazz idiom to bands, big and small, for four years now. Fiona rounds out the trombone family and isn't afraid to whip 'em into shape. 

​​​Daniel Kranseler | Don’t think of him as just another freshman. I can’t say we’ve ever seen him in anything other than Seahawks gear, so let’s just hope this concert turns out better for him than Seattle’s last Super Bowl.​​

Jesse Goodale | The trombonist with the best shoes, Jesse sets the bar for enthusiasm and energy in Penn Jazz. When he's not planning his next startup, you'll find Jesse hard at work practicing Penn Jazz charts.


Justin Mignatti | Justin Mignatti is a sophomore studying economics and music in the college of arts and sciences. Justin is Penn’s premiere sousaphone player. This is his first semester playing with Penn Jazz. In his free time he enjoys playing/listening to music, reading, and eating chicken parm.

Vince Cooper | One of the leaders of the trumpet section, Vince is one cool-natured dude. But don’t let his demeanor fool you, because he’ll kick your ass on the trumpet with all of the high notes he can squeak out. We’re certainly glad to have Vince once again for his senior year.

​​​The Magnificent Members of Penn Jazz

Lena Leszinsky | A sophomore from Michigan studying biology in the college, she is slightly tone-deaf despite playing sax for nine years. You’ll usually find her in the biomed library making bad organic chemistry puns and taking her coffee intravenously.

Josh Berg (C'20) | josh berg is a sophomore from philadelphia. he plays the saxophone and woweee can he play! OH boy, when josh berg starts honkin' the horn, the women swoon and blush. Be sure to get a good look at him before it's too late. 


Sam Davis (C'20) | A sophomore in SEAS studying Networked and Social Systems Engineering, Sam has been playing various trombone-type things for 10 years, including trombone, bass trombone, and alto trombone. His favorite pastimes include playing poker and explaining exactly what Networked and Social Systems engineering actually is. 

Joey Piaker (C'18) | Originally from New York City, Joey is a Senior in the College of Arts & Crafts majoring in Cognitive Neuroscience. Joey has been playing trumpet since 5th grade, and played with a group at Jazz at Lincoln Center in high school. On campus, Joey plays with several musical groups, but as former President of Penn Jazz, he is extremely happy to see you come support the band.